I’m trying to get over [consciousness level] 200 [i.e., the level of integrity on the Map of Consciousness]. It isn’t easy….!…Hawkins should certainly be able to use his arm-pressing technique [Hawkins Applied Kinesiology or HAK] to win our million-dollar prize! 30 minutes of easy work will get him the prize, easily…! But will he apply? No, of course not. Why? The answer is obvious.” -James Randi, James Randi Educational Foundation (2007)

It is appropriate to doubt that which is doubtful. Trust yourself.

Kumaré travels to Phoenix, Arizona and starts a following. The concept of ‘power vs. force’ is briefly mentioned in the film.

Straight and narrow is the path? Or follow *Your* arrow! (Kacey Musgraves, “Follow Your Arrow”) Note that if this entails for you following Hawkins’ path, please continue to do so!

Good science, by definition, allows for more than one opinion…

A teacher respected by nearly all, including Dr. Hawkins. Muscle testing maintains a subject-object duality of questioner and answer. Ramana Maharshi, instead, directly questions the questioner: Who am I? From whence do I come? What is my Source? Maharshi taught that this method, self-inquiry, is the direct path, and that all others retain the ego. If you want a “straight and narrow path” and to “waste no time,” look no further than inquiring into yourself.

5 Simple Rules of Science. If our cherished theories do not pass the test, so much for our cherished theories! Evidence and reality matter. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” ~Carl Sagan

The Universe is within us. Scientific skepticism (as contrasted with religious and philosophical skepticism) is good. Think for yourself.

Love your enemy. While we are all spiritual students, we have a tendency to get angry, hurt, or sad if someone questions our teacher.

In a contemporary society, “force” is no longer needed… (HAK as “force,” plus some discussion of a person being variously seen by divergent observers to be either a hero or a traitor.)

What is neoconservatism? This is a good overview, filmed at the start of the Iraq War. Dr. Hawkins, along with the Bush Administration and Fox News, was influenced by neoconservative ideals. (Note that this is not intended as a criticism of conservatism but relates more to Hawkins as a spiritual teacher and his agreement with “force.” As we know, virtually everyone of all political persuasions now recognizes, and for various reasons, that the Iraq War was a mistake. It is relevant for Hawkins’ teachings — including the workability of HAK — and his role as a spiritual teacher, that he supported and argued in favor of the Iraq War. Would Jesus have done that? Would the Buddha have done that?)

Will Ferrell as George W. Bush: “You’re Welcome, America!”

The great analytic philosopher offers his advice to the future: Discover the facts, and love is wise.

Some light fun with Dr. Hawkins and his students.

Many lessons to learn from this simple tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Enjoy!

Edward Bernays is the father of public relations — formerly known as propaganda. Why is it so important that Dr. Hawkins be repeatedly referred to as “Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.”? Bernays offers a plausible answer. For the full story, check out the documentary ‘The Century of the Self’.

Some light fun regarding muscle testing as told through the analog of the wisest man who ever lived, Gene Ray, and his wondrous Time Cube Principle! (“So if we don’t start believing in the Time Cube Principle, we’re going to resort to cannibalism?”)

Joseph Smith started his own religion based in part on objects that no one, or virtually no one, ever saw. Similarly, Dr. Hawkins has started his own new religious movement in the absence of evidence regarding his k-testing, which places him at the top of his plagiarized scale. One may comment that we should believe regardless of the absence of evidence. Yes, in regard to God or Self-realization, this is true, until it is experienced. However, the point with k-testing is that it has been disproved — that is, one may see that it is false. One cannot see that God is false, because God is outside (or also within all) our typical categories of true and false, beyond being and non-being, the totality of all that is. God or Truth is entirely different from k-testing, a method that has been conclusively shown to be false. This may represent a distinction between true faith and blind faith. What do you think? Is this closed-minded? Or might HAK-MoC (Hawkins applied kinesiology-Map of Consciousness) represent a closed system whereby independent thinking is not fostered?

Dr. Hawkins, similar to Professor Marvel, stated incorrectly that he was knighted by the Danish crown, and felt the need to consult an artificial means of deriving truth from the “Infinite.” The real Infinite, being known directly, needs no consulting: It simply Is.

Just for fun.

We need to think and experience for ourselves, not rely on a single man with a disproved muscle test for purportedly absolute truths.

Always look on the bright side of life! We may be disappointed with some of the facts that have come to light, but in the Spirit — if not the letter — of Hawkins’ teachings, let’s look on the bright side of life! Thank you!

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Life-transforming series.

The Century of the Self

Award-winning, profound documentary.

Closer to Truth (PBS)

Great PBS series delving into the most complex and difficult questions confronting humanity. Well done!

David Godman insightful interviews*

David Godman, for whatever reason, has been at the forefront of spreading spiritual wisdom from India. He has our respect.

Buddha at the Gas Pump

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