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Secrets of David R. Hawkins: Hawkins Applied Kinesiology

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The Skeptic’s Dictionary: applied kinesiology

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The Fourteen Precepts of Engaged Buddhism by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh*

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Ingroups and outgroups

Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups

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Characteristics Associated With Cults

Freedom of Mind BITE Model

Warning Signs

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Freedom of Speech

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We do not support all views shared on these websites, but we offer them as a rough guide to understanding in greater depth — or at least to encourage questions and thought surrounding — Dr. Hawkins’ teachings and group.

[Note: We sincerely apologize if anyone was offended that this website was made just over a couple of years following the passing of Dr. David R. Hawkins. As one may see, Dr. Hawkins’ work — not himself — has been criticized publicly since at least 2003. We hope that, though we may disagree on the merits of Dr. Hawkins’ work overall, we can at least agree that he did offer mystical teachings that are worthy of consideration, and we are all children of God. Thank you, friends.]